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Dear Unsuspectingly trusting One...

A smidgeon of Doubt…

What if?
All your praiseworthy concern for other people
All your natural fear of disease
All your admiration for doctors and nurses
All your trust in the government
All your confidence in the media
All your school-learned obedience
All your faith in the pharmaceutical companies
All your lack of training in nutrition
All your absence of teaching in critical thinking
All your reliance on social media
All your 'Better safe than sorries'
All your 'I don't know who to believes'
All your 'Why would they do such a things?'

Were being leveraged, taken advantage of, exploited by those

Who do not wish you well
Who scorn your gullibility
Who seek profit or total control
Who trifle with your naïveté
Who are sheltered by your total incredulity
Who have only their own interests at heart
Who mock your innocence
Who 'salami-slice' away your civil liberties
Who laugh behind their serious faces at how easily you are being played, frightened, taken in, led down the garden path, being had up to the hilt,

And who cosset you into a plausible Consensus Trance where you resignedly accept endless lockdowns, wear unhealthy masks, treat anything a bit scary as a conspiracy theory and are relieved when it is 'debunked', distance yourself from friends and loved ones, accept destruction of businesses, bans on travelling, and are psychologically manoeuvred into clamouring for an experimental ge*ne the*rapy misnamed something more convincing.

Come! It is time to use your nous. Believe your own eyes. Trust your intuition. Apply to these lying, or blackmailed, or bribed, or threatened, or complicit Malfeasants half the commonsense you'd use on a door-to-door salesman, and send them packing. Packing first from your circle of Trust and blind Faith, misplaced confidence and automatic obedience. Take the first step. Break free from the Trance. And pass this Doubt on - for the trap is closing.

Anthony Withers



The book the rest of this website is about: INSTEAD
Instead of disease, health. Instead of fiction, truth. Instead of fear, love.
(See also DiVersity and The New Syllabus)
Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world.
Linus Pauling, in How to Live Longer and Feel Better, p. 274 .

Full details are here, but among other things it explains how to use your intuition and discernment to perceive truth, how doubt is manufactured and used, what motivates pharmaceutical companies, what limits truth in the media, and what governments don't do. It is so amazingly relevant to what is going on at the moment that I have made the eBook version completely free in most popular formats at Smashwords . You can also buy the paperback on Amazon below.