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First Draft.
First Draft.

You haven't got long between distractions, so pay close attention.

Here is the truth, which you know at your core, which you glimpse now and then, and which you turn your back on to your ultimate disadvantage.

You are a spiritual being, having one of many physical lifetimes, not a physical being having the odd spark of spiritual life.

You have been born into, raised in and are living in, a setup that does not have your ultimate well-being and development at heart. You spend your life in a consensus trance, misled, poisoned, and distracted at every turn.

The mainsprings of human action are Fear and Love.

You are held in your place and held back by Fear.

Fear of parents and teachers, fear of bosses, fear of terrorism, fear of illness, fear of poverty, fear of extreme weather, fear for the world, fear of the future. This background fear is topped up daily by the media.

This fear is given credence by limiting your access to certain sources of energy, by limiting knowledge of our neighbours, and by controlling the creation of money.

Your fearful life is made tolerable by distractions. These include - but are not limited to! - TV and streaming platforms, your social media, your music, sport, news - and is it fake or not? - the politics and economic situation of your country and your prime minister or president or king. These distractions also take all your time and disperse or channel your energy, and so they prevent you doing anything about your situation and calling for solutions to the overarching problems of the world.

Instead, use your intuition and discernment to perceive what truly serves you. Give energy and money only for healthy food, products, and services.

Visualise a clean, healthy, happy world filled with Love. Disengage from the distractions. Drain away fear by knowledge and understanding. Love yourself, other selves and the Creation. All is one.

That's it for now. Go back for the moment to your distraction. But come back to this truth daily before your meditation. And pass it on.

Anthony Withers




The book the rest of this website is about: INSTEAD
Instead of disease, health. Instead of fiction, truth. Instead of fear, love.
(See also DiVersity and The New Syllabus)
Do not let either the medical authorities or the politicians mislead you. Find out what the facts are, and make your own decisions about how to live a happy life and how to work for a better world.
Linus Pauling, in How to Live Longer and Feel Better, p. 274 .

Full details are here, but among other things it explains how to use your intuition and discernment to perceive truth, how doubt is manufactured and used, what motivates pharmaceutical companies, what limits truth in the media, and what governments don't do. It is so amazingly relevant to what is going on at the moment that I have made the eBook version completely free in most popular formats at Smashwords . You can also buy the paperback on Amazon below.