Vitamin C

C - what you're missing!

Decades of research and published papers ignored

Why isn't this on the front page? Or the lead story on the news? It could allay fear. It could save lives.

For the last 80 years real doctors have been working with ascorbic acid - aka Vitamin C - in very high doses as an antiviral. The video below is a very thorough presentation of all the work that has been done over decades.

This is not a myth that can be debunked, and any conspiracy has been to keep it out of the public eye. It is peer-reviewed, published research that is ignored - to our extreme disadvantage and to our ultimate peril. Why would that be? Who would that serve?

Are they really doing successful clinical trials of intravenous Vitamin C in China?

So watch the video below and do your own research.
The latest video is specifically about the current situation and is here.

Forms of Vitamin C
It comes in different forms. Ascorbic acid crystals are lowest cost, capsules of 1000mg = 1 gram are convenient. Liposomal vitamin C is better absorbed, sodium ascorbate can also be used for IV use. Ester-C might give you more calcium than is good for you if you want to take lots of Vitamin C (See Death by Calcium by Dr Levy). The effervescent tablets are fun too, although some of them have aspartame as a sweetener. Taking large doses of Vitamin C may seem strange and a bit scary - watch the presentation for advice. Here's why we don't make our own Vitamin C.

Other links
Here is a link to the entry on Wikipedia about Vitamin C for comparison. It says "Evidence does not support its use for the prevention of the common cold.[6][7 WHO 2009] There is, however, some evidence that regular use may shorten the length of colds.[8]" The common cold is also a coronavirus.
Here is a document on the SARS epidemic - interesting particularly for the consequences of treatment with steroids, antivirals, and invasive mechanical ventilation.
And then there's this. And this paper on Vitamin C for Covid.

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