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Who does it serve for us NOT to use Vitamin C?

(Who does it serve? = Who does it profit? = To whose advantage is it? = Follow the money! - Links active in the page in my bio.)


Following the Vitamin C + protocol means that you are less likely to catch this coronavirus, or any coronavirus including the common cold,


Following the Intravenous Vitamin C protocol here means that any actual infection follows a much less serious path


You need not be so Fear-full? This would be a good thing, surely. So why are we hearing nothing about this from the mainstream media? With your intuition and reason unclouded by fear, you might ask 'Who does it serve NOT to publicise the use of Vitamin C?.

OF COURSE, if Vitamin C were shown to be a cheap and effective anti-viral agent (see presentation on 80 years of research below) then what about
Vitamin C's role as an anti-bacterial?
Vitamin C's role as a selective chemotherapy agent in the treatment of cancer?
Vitamin D's role in supporting the immune system?

Vitamin E's role in the treatment of heart disease?
Vitamin B3's role in the treatment of addiction and depression (quite apart from exercise and meditation)?
Simple dietary changes for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes?
And so on.

This could lead to the complete unravelling of the immensely profitable pharmaceutical narrative - the acceptance or rejection of present expensive antivirals or steroids, and the uptake or otherwise of any immensely profitable future vaccine.

Does your intuition suggest a Cluedo Suspect for 'Who does it serve'?

(For our medical brethren, if you hear viral hoofbeats, think Vitamin C not Antivirals)

Meanwhile, what else is going on while you are washing your hands for the nth time? Big bailouts? (Here's what a trillion dollars looks like!) Widespread arrests aka self-isolation? Preparation for debt-forgiveness and the introduction of Universal Basic Income? Massive surveillance and tracking by microchip? Release of hidden technologies to clean the planet?

The latest video is specifically about the current situation and is here.

The book the rest of this website is about: INSTEAD
Instead of disease, health. Instead of fiction, truth. Instead of fear, love.
(See also DiVersity and the Withers syllabus).

Full details are here, but among other things it explains how to use your intuition and discernment to perceive truth, how doubt is manufactured and used, what motivates pharmaceutical companies, what limits truth in the media, and what governments don't do. It is so amazingly relevant to what is going on at the moment that I have made the eBook version completely free in most popular formats during the Smashwords Authors Give Back sale. You can also buy the paperback on Amazon below.

Forms of Vitamin C
It comes in different forms. Ascorbic acid crystals are lowest cost, capsules of 1000mg = 1 gram are convenient. Liposomal vitamin C is better absorbed, sodium ascorbate can also be used for IV use. The effervescent ones are fun too, although some of them have aspartame as a sweetener. Taking large doses of Vitamin C may seem strange and a bit scary - watch the presentation for advice. Here's why we don't make our own Vitamin C.

Other links
Here is a link to the entry on Wikipedia about Vitamin C for comparison. It says "Evidence does not support its use for the prevention of the common cold.[6][7 WHO 2009] There is, however, some evidence that regular use may shorten the length of colds.[8]" The common cold is also a coronavirus.
Here is a document on the SARS epidemic - interesting particularly for the consequences of treatment with steroids, antivirals, and invasive mechanical ventilation.
And then there's this.